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Starshooters Program is a 90 days program created to support you in continuing your growth. It is an environment for creating your life so that you live by design and choice, rather than at the mercy of circumstances. Everything you have learned in PSI Leadership Success Seminar would be placed into practice during this program.


Challenge yourself to live everyday as you want to.” 


Throughout the program, you will be guided by a coach towards attaining what matters to you and the goals you have set at the beginning of Starshooters Program. You’ll be part of a team who will help you challenge yourself to live everyday as you want to. There will be weekly team meetings and three designated weekends where you and your team will “workout” the major concepts discussed in PSI Leadership Success Seminar. Activities included in this program are some of the greatest personal growth exercises ever devised.

What You Will Learn 


After the 90 days program, you’ll learn to:

  • Keep your agreements or promises
  • Give 100% to everything you undertake
  • Be fully accountable for the results
  • Be focused, committed and resourceful


Be coached in achieving your DREAMS and making them into a REALITY.”

*To be part of the Star Shooters team, participant must be a graduate of PSI Basic and Heroic Leadership Course*


I was able to realize what I can create so much success if I focus on my goal. I became more aware of the way I think that I become restrictive to myself of what I can achieve in life. I was able to practice during these 90 days of letting go of my negative thinking, which are everyone’s main obstacles of creating success.

Chris Angeles

We wrote a best-selling book in 90 days. Sharon, my head coach in Starshooters, and I teamed up to write a book about money and personal finance to teach, inspire and empower the Filipinos to be financially literate. The book is entitled, I Wish They Taught Money In School. It didn’t happen without obstacles, in fact, we had a lot. We didn’t know how to write, we didn’t know how to publish a book, we didn’t know how to distribute the books and we didn’t know how to market and sell them. But that’s the magic of Starshooters, we learned strategies on how to really focus on the goal such that all challenges would shrink in comparison to your burning desire to reach your goal. In Starshooters, I learned that the limits we impose on ourselves are all in the mind. And if we’re able to work around that, we can be so powerful that anything is achievable in 90 days. Starshooters introduces a framework that you can apply way beyond after taking the course. It’s a framework I go back to every time I have a goal. I have accomplished so many things after the course, each hinged to this framework. But my favorite goal so far is having a published book, a best-seller at that, under my name. Just a few months ago, we launched our 2nd title, Money Grows On Trees. Again, we finished this in 90 days.

Clarissa Serina-de la Paz

Star Shooters Team 75

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