Attract and Achieve The Wealth, Peace of Mind, Relationships, Spiritual Connection and Health You Desire!

PSI Leadership Success Seminar, you will have highly experiential and insightful learning under our accredited instructor’s guidance, by applying your knowledge, experiences and conceptual understanding to unlock your untapped potentials.

The 3-day event will provide you the fundamentals in creating positive results to your personal and professional life.

What You Will Learn

As a PSI Leadership Success seminar graduate, you will be able to:
• Learn how to attract your desired wealth
• Improve your relationships by understanding your strengths and weaknesses
• Create more balance in the four key areas of your life – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional
• Discover your inner strengths and break-free from self-imposed limiting beliefs
• Learn how to develop positive habits
• Learn different ways to listen and improve your communication
• Develop a more effective thought process

What Are The Benefits

Aside from the life changing learning you will experience, you will also have the
following benefits:

Lifetime Membership – By completing PSI Leadership Success Seminar, you are entitled to attend any of the succeeding batches of PSI Leadership Success Seminars at anywhere you wish for free. This privilege is applicable to PSI Basic Seminars provided by other countries.

Network with Fellow Graduates

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re so confident that you’ll have an amazing experience that we offer you money back guaranteed. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this life changing experience upon completion of this course, we will refund your money minus 10% processing fee, no questions asked.


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What our graduate says:

“My experience with PSI helped me realize my potential as a person. It dealt first with me and my relationships with others. It just didn’t open my mind to the positive aspects of life. It also showed the importance of my existing and past relationships with other people. PSI helped me go thru one of my trials which happened early this year. Each person is made for a “PURPOSE.” We have to live for that purpose. One just has to know it and reach for that. I guarantee you that after going thru PSI would make you a new person. You would know the power of your thoughts, the importance of God, your values and the power of your service o your neighbor. Let us plant good seeds for us to reap a bountiful harvest.”

Lani Mercado


Best gift to myself and for those you love! I took the PSI Leadership seminar, back in 2004 and it has done wonders in my life. Having to attend the seminar when I was young is one of the best privileges I got. What I got after attending it were happy and loving relationships, financial stability while serving others and taking care of myself through a balanced approach in life. What’s amazing is that I keep on attending it over and over again and the learning hasn’t stop. After attending it, I always get the feedback that I think and act beyond my age. While it is true, I just apply the concepts I learned in every small or big things I strive for. Truly, it is a wonderful experience that made my life, THE ADVENTURE I deserve, every single day.

David Lucenario


I found PSI Leadership Seminar, an Excellent tool for every individual like us,esp as we experienced PSI. As a Graduate, I am very honored to joined this kind of seminar, because It gives me more Positive Outlook in Life and Molds me to be a Better person.
It adopts all the positive side of life, able us to think and Create Things which has now a purpose on what we become on our Journey.
Its really a Life Changing!

Motivated, Proud, and Great

Mhalie Jane Matias Burdeos

PSI Butuan

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